9th May 2023
Hannah Ridgley, Director of Culture & Kindness

Director of Culture and Kindness: the lowdown

KVA is a new era agency and we like to do things differently, ripping up the rule book and paving the way for a better agency life, none of this ‘we’ve always done it this way so we’ll continue’! Pushing boundaries outside of our comfort zone is where greatness happens!

One of our CEO Kelly’s founding missions was to lead with kindness, and this is embedded in everything we do. 

Our values are to:
Be brave 
Be bold 
Be kind 
And to be the best. 

This all leads to a culture that cares. We are passionate about nurturing a positive, truly flexible and supportive working environment for our team, and the effects of that have been proven to extend well beyond the working day. This is where our Director of Culture and Kindness comes in! 

We recruit team members who align closely with our values, however we still need to work at ensuring our culture is staying true to our founding mission which is why we created this world first agency role in 2021. 

Our new Director ensures that our culture is alive and kicking both internally and externally - we actively seek to work with client partners who also align to our values - after all, we’re all human and our partnerships are about relationships. 

This is all about feedback, we love hearing our teams thoughts on how things are going and how we can improve, there is always space to learn and be better. This in turn ensures that our team is being listened to and can actively contribute to the way KVA is run, creating a sense of togetherness and reward. 

It’s no secret that our team incentives are out of this world, and this also comes back to another of Kelly’s founding missions: to give back. Team appreciation is hugely important and results in a happier team who are willing to go above and beyond, and a happy team means our staff turnover is low. 

Research by the Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (APEX) found that teams in a respectful, kind environment:

* Have 26% more energy
* Are 30% more likely to feel motivated and enthusiastic about acquiring new skills and being exposed to new ideas
* Have 36% more satisfaction with their work
* Are 44% more committed to their organisation

It’s our Director of Culture and Kindness’s role to ensure that all these things are kept front of mind, in our day to day and also when making key business decisions. 

We strongly believe that this is the way forward for agencies and all companies - the future is bright, but it’s brighter when there is kindness!